The DB Guardian has an interface able to showing all database activities. It allows the mapping of the whole physical structure and logical of the database. Throughout this interface it is presented the current status of each database component. This is accomplished by combining flow, values and percentage information relevant to system's performance. By using this representation it is possible to discover performance problems (bottlenecks) related to the database quickly and intuitively. Another characteristic of this tool is the support for configuration of alerts and provide details of problems. The level of details can be obtained by a deep visualization of each of the areas presented in the graphical interface.
PRESENT information about current environment like database status, oracle version, dbg user and oracle instance;
SHOW information about user activity like active, inactive and % of database users;
Server Processes:
Information about Server Processes like Dedicated and shared servers, dispatchers, parallel query and job queue.
Buffer Cache, shared pool, redo buffer;
BG Processes:
Background processes like DBWR, LGWR, ARCH;
Disk Storage:
Physical structure like DAta files, tablespaces, redo log files;
display VArious DATA FLOWS BETWEEN components;
PRESENT information about Operational system and hardware like hostname and CPU;
Others features:
Setup alert Thresholds, Independent of OPerational System, Skins support, Drilldowns.